Abolfazl Amoui, MP, member of National Security and Foreign Policy Commission

Tehran (IP) - A member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the Iranian Parliament said that the Israeli regime and the United States' anti-Iranian actions had failed.

Iran PressIran news: Abolfazl Amoui stated: "Israel is facing internal challenges today, and its officials should know that they cannot solve their problems by propaganda against Iran."

He underlined that the Israeli regime had failed and suffered serious damage in the face of the resistance and freedom-seeking movement in the besieged Gaza Strip; hence, the regime will certainly not be able to stand against the great power of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the whole current of resistance.

Referring to the joint plot of the usurping regime and the United States to stop uranium enrichment in Iran, he reiterated: "Iran's nuclear activity is peaceful and operates in accordance with the protocols of the International Atomic Energy Agency."

"Also, the IAEA inspectors have repeatedly presented reports on Iran's peaceful activities that the world public is aware of, so talking about these cases is just a projection," he noted.


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