Shahr-e Ray (IP)- Iran's President says that the victory of the Islamic Revolution led by the late Imam Khomeini restored the Muslim nations' Islamic identity.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking for the people of Shahr-e Rey County in Tehran, Ebrahim Raisi said on Thursday formerly some liberation organizations were deciding the fate of Palestine and today the Palestinian youths were determining their fate on the battlefield. 

Raisi exampled Yemen as another Muslim country that restored its dignity: "Current Yemen is the very Yemen of 7 years ago, yet despite all deprivations imposed by some other states, was firmly standing to protect its national dignity. 

He referred to the enemies' campaigns and conspiracies to hinder the progress of Iran and noted that they themselves admitted that these campaigns were blatantly failed, and Iran grew more for example in terms of production and oil sales.

The Iranian president also pointed to the recent unrest in the country as a part of the hybrid war the West waged against Iran, but the enemies made big calculational mistakes and got defeated because of the people's, especially the women and girls' resistance. 

He told people that after the unrest, backed by the West, failed, some regional and European states admitted that they were doing wrong about Iran and that they were calling Iran for talks. 

Iran's President noted that Iran was honored to be the one in the world standing against arrogant powers of the world in defense of the oppressed people, independence, and freedom. 

Shahr-e Rey or simply Rey is the capital of Ray County in Tehran Province, Iran. Formerly a distinct city, it has now been absorbed into the metropolitan area of Greater Tehran as the 20th district of municipal Tehran, the capital city of Iran.

Rey is different and independent from the other parts of Tehran by its history dating back to 6000 years ago and valuable historical, religious, and cultural features.

Trade, handicrafts, agriculture, and animal husbandry are the main jobs of the Shahr-e Rey people.


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