Tehran (IP) - "Imam Khomeini was a divine, revolutionary figure who revived the national, and religious identity of the Iranian people," President Raisi said.

Iran PressIran news: In his eighth live televised conversation with the people on Tuesday evening, Ebrahim Raisi congratulated the arrival of the blessed ten days of Fajr and the anniversary of Imam Khomeini's (RA) arrival in the homeland, saying, "The personality of the founder of the Islamic Republic and his memory, life, and conduct are always an inspiration for all of us".

Raisi stated that Imam was truly a divine and revolutionary figure who revived the national and religious identity of the Iranian people, adding, "We are all indebted to Imam Khomeini".

He pointed out that the Popular Administration follows the speech of the Late Imam Khomeini (RA) and the Leader of the Islamic Revolution regarding the progress of the country in the light of social justice.

The President clarified, "I have always said in response to those who asked us about the discourse of the government that we are obedient to the whole of the discourse of Imam and Leader based on progress on the axis of social justice".

He stated that last year's budget deficit could have been a serious challenge for the government and the nation, and noted, "The government tried to overcome this situation by increasing income without borrowing from the central bank and printing money to witness an increase in real income for the country".

Raisi said that on the day of handing over the 13th Administration, the country's inflation was nearly 60%, which has been reduced to 40% due to the efforts of the cabinet, with a reduction of 20%.

The President said, "In the first 6 months of the government, that is until the end of 1400, we saw a decrease in inflation in various sectors."

In response to a question about the implementation of the policies of the 13th Administration to eliminate absolute poverty and reduce the class gap among the people, the President clarified, "We are witnessing price fluctuations of some items in the country, and these conditions are not acceptable for the government and the people, and the reason for them have been identified by the market regulation headquarters and various departments and are being dealt with".

Raisi further named "smuggling" and "non-supply" of goods as two important factors for the increase in the price of some goods inside the country and said, "In the issue of smuggling goods to some neighboring countries, efforts are being made to prevent it, but it has not been achieved completely".

He stated that in the current situation, we are looking for economic stability, especially in the items and goods needed by the people tables and basic goods, and noted, "With the plans that have been made, this goal will happen, God willing".