Tehran (IP) - The Iranian Minister of Petroleum said that the Iran-Tajikistan Energy Working Group had been formed, adding that the level of trade between the two countries would pass 500 million Euros.

Iran PressIran News: Javad Owji told reporters after a Wednesday meeting with Tajik Minister of the Energy and Water Resources Daler Juma: "This is the first visit of the Tajik Minister of Energy to Iran and good talks took place."

He added: "Iran's Ministry of Petroleum is ready to discuss export of technical and engineering services with regard to its capacity and capabilities in the field of recovery, exploration and operation of oil and gas fields and refineries and at the same time production of petrochemical products; we had good agreements in these areas.”

The Minister of Petroleum stated: "Export of oil, gas and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) through pipelines were also negotiated, and an energy working group was formed between the two countries, which I think will soon lead to agreements in these fields."

"God willing, Iran will participate in the development of Tajikistan's oil and gas fields," Owji said. “Following the request for reconstruction and modernization of oil refineries in this country, Iran, relying on the capabilities of the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC) in the refining industry, will soon send its technical teams to the friendly and brotherly Tajikistan to reach agreements on energy, oil, gas and petrochemicals to be implemented.”

Referring to the improvement and development of energy diplomacy under the 13th administration, he said: "The view of the people and the administration, especially to friendly and brotherly countries, including Tajikistan, is very significant and the first state visit of the President was to this country, where about eight documents were signed, and the plan is to increase the level of trade with Tajikistan to more than 500 million euros.”

The Minister of Petroleum noted: "The highlight of today’s talks with the Minister of Energy of Tajikistan concerned export of petroleum products, technical and engineering services, which I promise the Ministry of Petroleum will soon complete this capacity. Besides, good discussions were raised regarding training in the energy sector of Tajikistan and the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) aired its readiness in this regard.”

Iran, major oil partner

The Minister of Energy and Water Resources of Tajikistan said: "In the framework of these visits, we pursue multilateral issues, including cooperation on crude oil exports to Tajikistan and increase economic, social and cultural relations between the two countries. Undoubtedly, we can bolster cooperation between the two countries.”


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