Iran's public turnout in elections accelerates

Tehran (IP) – As of Friday evening, more and more people have come to the polling stations in Iran, and turnout has accelerated and Voting time extended until 9 PM.

Iran PressIran News: The 13th presidential election, the 6th election of the city councils, the mid-term election of the 5th Assembly of Experts, and the mid-term election of the 11th Islamic Consultative Assembly have started at 7 am on Friday.

Polling stations witnessed a large turnout from the first minutes of voting, and as noon approached and the temperature rose, the turnout at ballot boxes decreased somewhat.

Once again, more people have come to the polling stations this afternoon, and turnout has accelerated.

Voting time extended in Iran's Elections

Iran's election headquarters announced in a statement that voting time was extended until 10 pm Tehran time.


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