Zaria (IP) - One of the senior members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Abdulhamid Bello said the Islamic Revolution occurred in Iran when the people were yearning for a positive change, and the revolution brought hope that positive change would be ascertained in the world.

Iran PressAfrica: During an exclusive interview with Iran Press News Agency in his residence in Zaria City of Kaduna State, Sheikh Abdulhamid Bello said before the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979, the people of Nigeria were tired of the military rule and that time people got change from the military power to the newly elected democratic government of the late former President, Alhaj Shehu Shagari.

He added: So, at that time, there was a yearning for a change and especially for Muslims, who were yearning for a change to an Islamic system that was when they heard about the Islamic Revolution in Iran, which motivated them and brought hope that a similar revolution could occur in the African country.

When talking about the founder of the Islamic Revolution, the late Ayatollah Khomeini, Sheikh Abdulhamid Bello said "Especially the personality of the founder of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, that is Imam Khomeini, even his picture would remind you of Allah, would remind you of the Prophet of Allah, Sheikh Abdulhamid Bello said.

Senior members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria added: At the time the posters of Imam Khomeini were received in Nigeria, people were rushing to get them, and people were pleased to hear about his stance toward helping the oppressed people, especially those who believed in Islam. So, people were very happy and they were supporting him all over the world. Even in the villages, you would see his pictures being pasted all over."

He also expressed how they were impressed with the way Imam Khomeini supported the oppressed people. 

Sheikh Abdulhamid Bello who is the representative of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky in Zaria also added: ''We saw the way Imam supported all the downtrodden people, like his support to South Africa to get their independence, his support to Afghanistan, Pakistan and his support for Palestinians and his fight against Israeli occupation."


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