Bauchi (IP) - Nigerians on Sunday held celebrations of the birth anniversary of the first Shi'a Imam, Ali son of Abu Talib, and the 44th anniversary of the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran which occurred in 1979.

Iran PressAfrica: Lectures were held in Abuja, Kano, Bauchi, and many other cities in which scholars talked about the life of the holy Imam, cousin, and in-law to the blessed Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).

In Bauchi State, Sheikh Luqman Abdullah Abdullah talked to Iran Press about the impact of Iran's Islamic Revolution shortly after he finished lectures on the life of Imam Ali. The Islamic scholar said: "The revolution has impacted not only Iran but even outside the country."

The revolution's impacts reached countries in Africa like Nigeria. The Islamic Movement in Nigeria is one of the fruits of Iran's Islamic Revolution. Iran has impacted so many endeavors of human beings, culturally, religiously, scientifically, and economically.

Barrister Tayyib, a legal practitioner talking about the Islamic revolution said: ''Definitely, well meaningful Muslim and human being must be happy with it."

He also advised fellow Muslims in other Islamic countries to emulate Iran. A female Nigerian Muslim, Khadija Adam said every success of the Islamic Republic of Iran is a success for all Muslims worldwide.


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