Iran reopens Khosravi border

Tehran (IP) - Announcing the reopening of the Khosravi border, Iran's customs spokesman added that Until now, there has been no restriction on the acceptance of goods from Iran by the Iraqi side.

Iran PressIran News: Seyyed Ruhollah Latifi stated that the officials of the Iraqi Monzariyah border, by announcing the acceptance of Iranian goods, have said that they have no restrictions on the acceptance of goods through this border.

The customs spokesman added: "This border, which is located between the provinces of Kermanshah in Western Iran and Diyala in Eastern Iraq, was reopened today – Thursday, July 23, and so far no restriction has been announced for the acceptance of goods from Iran by the Iraqi side."

Khosravi border is one of the oldest official borders of the country.  207/215

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Iran, Iraq borders are the borders of friendship and mutual coop.