Jul 05, 2020 14:30 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Jul 31, 2020 21:40 Asia/Tehran]

Tehran (IP) - The spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health, Sima Sadat Lari in her presser today said 201,330 of total infected people have been recovered.

Iran PressIran news: Sima Sadat Lari on Sunday 5 July reported the latest data on the coronavirus in the country and the deaths caused by the virus.

Iranian Health official said: "According to the definitive laboratory findings from yesterday to July 5 in the country, 2,560 new patients with COVID-19 were diagnosed across the country and the number of patients with this disease reached 240,438."

1,295 of the new patients, were hospitalized, fortunately, 201,330 patients have recovered and discharged so far, Lari added.

Iran's Health Ministry Spokeswoman also said: "Unfortunately, in the past 24 hours, 163 COVID-19 patients have lost their lives, and in total 11,571 people have lost their lives in the country to date."

The official stated, "3,168 patients are in intensive care units."


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