Jan 05, 2020 14:42 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Jun 30, 2020 22:32 Asia/Tehran]
  • Swiss ambassador summoned to Foreign Ministry for third time
    Swiss ambassador summoned to Foreign Ministry for third time

Tehran (IP) - The Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs summoned the Swiss ambassador to Tehran as a defender of US interests in Tehran and told him that based on international law the US President's hostile remarks are clear examples of war crime.

Iran Press/Iran news: The Swiss ambassador in Tehran was summoned by Seyyed Abbas Araghchi and was notified of Iran's blatant protest over the threatening remarks of the US president which is in violation of the international laws and norms.

Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister pointed out that the hostile, threatening and non-normative remarks of the US President in any way is unacceptable and in violation of international law.

He pointed to threatening remarks of the US president to attack cultural centers noting that such a threat reminiscent of the invasion of the Mongols or the actions of terrorist groups and criminal destruction of cultural and historical places which in accordance with the rules of international law equates "war crime".

Araghchi said Iran will not be under any threat or intimidation and decisively respond to any threat or act against its security and territorial integrity.

This summoning is the third after the assassination of Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani.

Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani was assassinated along with several senior members of Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) on Friday Morning 3 January at Baghdad International airport.

Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani was awarded by Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei as the first Iranian military official to hold Iran’s highest military order, the Order of Zulfaqar after the 1979 Islamic Revolution. 104/219

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