Iran-Afghanistan Joint Chamber of Commerce:

Tehran (IP): The head of the Iran-Afghanistan Joint Chamber of Commerce stated that Afghanistan's conflicts and problems together with the Taliban's confrontation with Afghan government forces, as well as the US bombing on the country, has completely halted trade and closed borders.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking about the state of trade between Iran and Afghanistan due to the recent unrest in this country, Hossein Salimi stated: "The trading risk in this situation is very high and both Iranian sellers and  Afghan buyers are not willing to accept this risk because it is not clear whether the cargo will reach the buyer when it enters Afghanistan or not. Furthermore, these shipments are not covered by any insurance and this greatly increases the risk.”

The head of the Iran-Afghanistan Joint Chamber of Commerce, in response to a question about the extent of damage to Iranian goods in the recent unrest in Afghanistan, said: “Since trade process has been stopped, the damage has been small, but there are no exact statistics in this regard which means that it is not possible to determine how many of the Iranian goods have reached the buyers. In the current situation, it is not possible to get accurate statistics from Afghanistan.”

"We are all waiting for the situation in Afghanistan to improve, and we have to wait to see what will happen," he said.


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