Yasin advanced precision-guided smart bomb

Tehran (IP) - Iranian Defense Industry manufactured and developed Yasin advanced precision-guided smart bomb; In 2019, officially provided for the Iranian Armed Forces as an operational weapon is a long-range asset for manned and unmanned aircraft and can be used for all ranges of Iranian fighter bombers in any weather conditions and day and night.

Iran PressIran News: Yasin advanced precision-guided smart bomb, the first images of which were seen without mentioning names and specifications in a video of the achievements of the Iranian Ministry of Defense in 2015 under the fuselage of the Karrar UAV, is an example of the approach of adding precision kits and increasing range to Iran's existing bombs.

The MK-82 225 kg bombs, widely used by F-4 and F-5 fighters of the Air Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the imposed war (Iran-Iraq war), were used as a warhead in the Yasin Bomb.

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After that, in a drill in 2017, the name Yasin Bomb was first mentioned. Although no image was released, it was announced that an F-7 fighter had successfully tested the 60-kilometer bomb.

With the official unveiling of the Yasin Bomb in 2019, this bomb was added to the list of operational weapons of the fighter bombers of the Iranian Armed Forces.

Iranian Army F-4 fighters can carry 24 500-pound free-fall bombs in positions under the wings and fuselage. Due to the weight of 300 kg of Yasin bomb, this fighter can carry nearly the same number of Yasin wing bombs.

To show the operational value of a weapon like the Yasin Bomb, it should be noted that the area's dimensions to be collided by a strike aircraft, assuming sufficient speed and altitude, would be a circle of 120 km.

During the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) 14th Exercise held in the Persian Gulf and west of the Strait of Hormuz in 2020, IRGC Sukhoi 22 strike aircraft targeted and destroyed predetermined targets in the Faroe Islands with Yasin Bombs.

The bomb's latest test range, previously announced at 60km, has been increased to 100km during the exercise, making it fully capable of conducting offensive operations outside the enemy's defense range.

In the primary and operational phase exercise, which was held last month, the vital targets of the hypothetical enemy were destroyed by an F-7 fighter using a Yasin 90 bomb.


Yasin Bomb is a long-range guided bomb that can be dropped from a distance of 60 km and aimed at the target and hit it. In addition, it can be used in all weather conditions, day and night. Installation on manned and unmanned aircraft, increasing the security and safety of the system, and the ability to perform operations in the short and long-range are other features of this smart bomb.

The Yassin bomb's long-range bombing capability means that its carrier aircraft can operate from almost any short-range air defense system and part of the middle-range defense systems and attack its target. This ability is especially effective in attacking the targets of terrorist groups equipped with short-range air defense systems.

Of course, by adding laser, optical, or propulsion systems to the Yasin Bomb, its accuracy can be increased, and it can even be used to engage moving targets over 100 kilometers away.

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The bomb flight computer provides the pilot with the speed and altitude required to release the bomb from the fighter by performing automatic calculations.

The target point coordinates are first loaded on the bombing computer by the operator, and then the pilot is given the speed and height of release. After dropping the Yasin Bomb from the carrier plane, the folding wings open, and the bomb flies to the target point, correcting its path to hit the target accurately.

The advantage of using the Yasin Bomb is the ability to carry out operations outside the enemy's defenses. This means that the fighter will be able to destroy its target without being exposed to the danger of being hit by the enemy's medium-range defense systems.

Another feature of the Yasin Bomb is its operational capability in different weather conditions and all day and night.


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Yasin advanced precision-guided smart bomb
Yasin advanced precision-guided smart bomb
Yasin advanced precision-guided smart bomb
Yasin advanced precision-guided smart bomb
Yasin advanced precision-guided smart bomb
Yasin advanced precision-guided smart bomb
Yasin advanced precision-guided smart bomb
Yasin advanced precision-guided smart bomb