(IP) - The Air Force of Iran successfully launched the drone combat operation in the main phase of the 10th Air Authority of Devotees of the Velayat Sky drill.

Iran PressIran news: In the exercise kicked off on Thursday, Kaman-12, Karar, Kian, and Arash combat drones equipped with all kinds of warheads and carrying various precision-guided missiles were incorporated. 

The Commander of Iran's Air Force Brigadier-General Hamid Vahedi said crewed aircraft were used in the drill to provide a safe route for drone operations through state-of-art electronic warfare techniques, disabling the defense systems of the hypothetical enemy.

Kaman-12 drone successfully hit the targets using a smart, precision-guided, and upgraded version of Qaem missiles in the exercise; furthermore, Karrar drones, equipped with 500-pound rockets, accurately hit the determined targets, according to the commander.

10th Air Force drill, dubbed 'Air Authority of Devotees of the Velayat Sky,' began on Thursday with the codename of "Ya Mohammad Rasoolullah" with a large number of army members airbases of the country.

This is the first decentralized exercise held in Iran. 


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