Human Rights Watch: US playing role in devestating Yemen

UN (IP) - An end to the US support for the Saudi regime's war on Yemen does not mean ignoring its responsibility for the destruction of Yemen, a human rights watchdog official said.

Iran PressEurope: On her Twitter page, the executive director of Human Rights Watch Sarah Whitson referred to the end of US support for the war on Yemen and wrote that the issue was still in doubt

Whitson said the distinction of offensive vs defensive operations (or weapons) is meaningless if the goal is to end our support for #Saudi and #UAE abuses

"The end of US support for offensive Saudi UAE operations is also not the end of the Yemen war, and should not be the end of accountability for America’s own disastrous support for the destruction of Yemen. We need congressional hearings to investigate how we ended up in this war," she stressed in a thread of tweets.

"And what of compensation & reparations to the people of Yemen, whose schools, universities, hospitals, factories, farms, homes&even ancient architectural heritage were bombarded by US bombs, to say nothing of Yemenis killed, injured, terrorized &traumatized? When does that happen?" Whitson asked then. 

Still referring to Biden's support of the initiation of war on Yemen in the Obama administration and wrote: 

"The current Biden admin is veritable who’s who of then former Obama admin officials who signed the “oops sorry” letter re the war in Yemen. I’m grateful they have prioritized pulling back. But that’s simply not enough to pay our debt, make amends, and stop repeating the same crimes."

The US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said on Thursday that US President Joe Biden will stop the country's support of offensive operations in Yemen.


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