Parliament Speaker:

Tehran (IP) - The Speaker of the Majles said that the rights of the nation will be restored with a good and fair agreement, so that oppressive sanctions will be lifted .

Iran PressIran news: The Speaker of the Majles said: "I am sure that with the efforts made in the field of foreign policy, the rights of the nation will be restored with a good and fair agreement and the oppressive sanctions will be lifted from the shoulders of the people."

Mohammad Baqher Qalibaf said in the joint meeting of the legislative and executive branches of government: "More than one hundred days have passed since the beginning of the thirteenth administration, and I testify that the President has made a militant effort."

Referring to the measures taken by the government to control the outbreak of COVID-19, Qalibaf said: "The government reduced the casualties from 700 to 70 in less than 70 days, and this was not possible except by virtue of efforts of the government and the support of the parliament in providing funds."

He added: "The relationship between the 13th administration and the 11th parliament should be exemplary for the future and our cooperation is undoubtedly responsible. The parliament considers itself as source of help for all members of the cabinet and at the head of it, the president to solve the people's problems."

Qalibaf continued: "We must trust the expert opinions of the lawmakers and consider them as our companions, because they are the representatives of the people and among the people." In this regard, we have expectations from the administration. Law enforcement, implementation of budget and program provisions, addressing the issue of stock exchange, livelihood, employment, housing, youth and raising the purchasing power of the people are the expectations of the parliament from the government."

The Speaker concluded: "All colleagues will spare no effort and help in fulfilling these demands. The responsibility for the realization of these cases and the burden of this responsibility is on the members of the government and the president, but we cooperate with you and we are honest.  It is of no value if this coordination between the government and the parliament does not lead to synergy and efficiency in solving the problems of the people."


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