Sweden (IP) - As the Iranian national Hamid Nouri was freed from the Swedish jail, an exhibition of the MKO terrorist group's crimes against the Iranian nation was set up in Stockholm.

Iran Press/Europe: Hamid Nouri, an Iranian national taken hostage by the Swedish government, was released on Saturday, June 15, 2024, after suffering 1,680 days of imprisonment. 

As a result of a predetermined plot by the MKO and the Swedish government, Hamid Nouri, who traveled to Sweden to visit his relatives was arrested and jailed under the pretext that he was involved in the punishment of the MKO terrorists after the victory of the Islamic revolution.

The terrorist group, the last leader of which is said to have died recently, killed over 17,000 Iranian people from different walks of life. 

An Iranian citizen has sent a video from an exhibition set up in Stockholm to show the MKO terrorist group's crimes against humanity. 215, 204

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