UAE(IP): The delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran, headed by the Minister of Energy, left UNFCCC COP 28 in protest against the presence of the officials of the criminal Zionist regime at the international event.

Iran PressWest Asia: Iran's Minister of Energy Ali Akbar Mehrabian left for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Thursday as a representative of the President and at the head of a diplomatic delegation to attend the 2023 UN Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC COP 28).

The Zionist regime officials were not supposed to attend the summit, and reports had indicated that this regime will not accept the risk of attending this ceremony within a few weeks of the crimes in Gaza.

Ali Akbar Mehrabian, while leaving the conference, said: Heads of about 150 countries were invited to attend the (UNFCCC COP 28), and assessments showed that probably a significant number of these participants, including the officials of the Zionist regime, will not attend the conference.

He added: The delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran intended to use the opportunity to attend the international 2023 UN Climate Change Conference due to the importance of this conference to explain the conditions, negotiate with the authorities and delegations of different countries and defend the oppressed Palestinian nation, but on the day of the speeches of the leaders and officials of countries, the news confirmed the visit of the head of the Zionist regime to the city where the climate change conference (UNFCCC COP 28) was held as well as his participation in this event.

The Iranian Minister of Energy added that the delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran considers the presence of the fake Zionist regime in the climate change conference as contrary to the goals and guidelines of this conference and in protest against it, it will leave the conference venue.

Coinciding with the presence of the head of the Zionist regime in the UAE to participate in the climate change summit, a new wave of Zionist attacks against the Palestinian people has begun in the Gaza Strip and the crimes of the Tel Aviv regime have resumed.


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