Gaza (IP) - Israel's military has resumed its attacks in the Gaza Strip, accusing Hamas of breaching the terms of the ceasefire by launching rockets toward Israeli-occupied territories. The Israeli spokesperson announced the recommencement of their military actions in the region.

Iran PressWest Asia: The ceasefire, which had been extended twice, facilitated the exchange of numerous captives held in Gaza for hundreds of Palestinian prisoners and allowed the entry of humanitarian aid into the devastated coastal strip.

However, Israel reported intercepting a rocket fired from Gaza. Further alarms warning of rockets were heard in Israeli-occupied territories near Gaza. Palestinian media reported Israeli air and artillery strikes across the enclave after the truce expired.

The Israeli military's announcement of renewed operations followed reports of Israeli artillery attacks on the eastern part of Rafah city. However, there was no immediate comment from Hamas or any claim of responsibility for the rocket launches.

The ceasefire had been a temporary pause in a conflict that has seen significant loss of life and destruction. Since the conflict began, Palestinian health authorities have reported over 15,000 Gazans killed.


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