Mar 24, 2020 06:18 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Mar 24, 2020 06:31 Asia/Tehran]
  • Syrian air defence system intercepts drone near Hmeimim air base

Syrian state media reported that the nation's air defence had repelled an attack by "hostile objects" in the suburbs of the city of Jableh, located on the Mediterranean coast in the vicinity of the Hmeimim airbase, where the Russian Aerospace Forces are stationed.

Iran Press/Middle East: The Syrian air defence system on Monday intercepted a drone in the vicinity of Jableh city in the Lattakia countryside near the Hmeimim base where Russian Aerospace Forces are stationed, according to the Syrian state news.

According to the report, the attacking drone, which approached the area late on Monday night, was destroyed before harming the military facility. 

A large explosion was heard in Latakia, according to local media.

Over several months, anti-aircraft systems have repelled dozens of attempts by terrorist groups to attack areas and villages in the Lattakia countryside, as well as the Hmeimim base, by means of drones carrying bombs. The most recent attempt is reported to have taken place on 19 February.


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