Tehran (IP) – Iranian minister of health, treatment, and medical education announced the issuance of an emergency use permit for the COV-Iran Barekat vaccine.

Iran PressIran News: Saeed Namaki said on Monday: "Today, Iran has received an emergency use permit for the COV-Iran Barekat vaccine, and a permit for the Pasteur Institute's COVID vaccine will be issued next week."

He stated that Pasteur Institute's COVID vaccine had two defects in the written file, which would be approved next week, and Razi Institute's vaccine and the Fakhra vaccine would be added to the list of vaccines to be used soon.

He announced that with the capacity created inside the country, all the target population of Iran would be vaccinated by the end of autumn.

The first phase of human trial of the COV-Iran Barekat vaccine had kicked off on December 29, 2020.

Iranian scientists and experts have succeeded in developing several COVID vaccines despite the US' inhumane and cruel sanctions imposed against Iran. 


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