IRIB World Service TV and Radio outlets are independent

The Head of the IRIB World Service has said IRIB World Service TV and Radio outlets are independent and unswayed by the politics of major powers.

Iran pressIran news: In an interview with Fars News Agency, Peyman Jebelli said that "There are few networks among the mainstream Western media which are not controlled by or beholden to the great powers. Virtually no mainstream Western media tries to reach out to the audiences that are not heard."

He emphasized that "We do not have the tools, facilities, capability, budget, and equipment of the world's major media, but we believe that what we are talking about is the natural massage of the nations, and if it reaches the people well, it will itself find its own audience."

"We believe that IRIB World Service TV and Radio outlets are among those independent networks that are not swayed or influenced in any way by the political stances and politics of the major powers," Jebelli noted.

"Satellites or cable television and social networks are the most important means of transmitting the message of television networks to the wider world, and unfortunately we have constraints in all of these contexts," the Head of the IRIB World Service noted.


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