Bauchi (IP) - Members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria on Friday have taken to streets to condemn the barbaric atrocities of the Kaduna State Governor who engages in demolition of properties of the Shia members of the Movement which include hospitals, schools and residential buildings.

Iran PressAfrica: In Bauchi State, the protestors carried photos of Governor Nasiru Elrufai crossed out, placard with various inscriptions, such as "We condemn Elrufai's terrorist acts, May God punish Elrufai and Like Gaza like Kaduna."

One of the protestors, Khadija Adamu told Iran Press: "We came out to condemn the terrorist acts of Governor Elrufai of Kaduna State of destroying our hospitals, schools and other buildings. We also call on the ICC to take serious actions against Nasiru Elrufai." 

Haj Muhammad Bununu, another protester, said the atrocities of the Kaduna State Governor is similar to the Israeli terrorism against people of Palestine.

"We are calling for all Muslims and activists around the world to denounce Elrufai's terrorist acts which are similar to those of the Israelis when used against Palestinians in Gaza."

On Wednesday, Amnesty International issued a statement on development in which it condemned the Elrufai's oppressions.

"Amnesty International also called on Kaduna State government to constructively engage in genuine consultations with all affected persons and explore feasible alternatives to evictions. Access to effective alternatives and adequate compensation must also be provided to those affected," said the statement released by the Amnesty International.

On Monday, May 29, President Muhammadu Buhari will hand over the power to the newly elected president, Bola Ahmad Tinubu while Kaduna State Governor Nasiru Elrufai will give the governorship seat to the new Kaduna Governor, Uba Sani.

Of all the 36 state governors in Nigeria, Nasiru Elrufai of Kaduna is the only one who lunches total attacks against the peaceful Islamic Movement in Nigeria which led to the murder of many innocent people, including women and children.

Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky is the leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN).

Last week, the Kaduna State Governor started demolition of properties belonging to the Shia Community in Kaduna and Zaria.


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