Jakarta (IP) - Referring to the goal set to increase the volume of commercial exchanges between Iran and Indonesia to 20 billion dollars, the Iranian President said the two countries have decided to conduct their exchanges with national currencies.

Iran PressAsia: In a joint press conference with his Indonesian counterpart, Ebrahim Raisi expressed hope that this trip could lead to the expansion of interactions between the two powerful Islamic countries in the region and the world will have constructive impact which will be completed with the visit of the President of Indonesia to Tehran.

Expressing his hope that great steps will be taken on this trip to develop relations with Indonesia, Raisi said: "In the 70 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Iran and Indonesia, the two countries have always had good interactions in various political, economic, commercial, regional and international fields."

Raisi elsewhere stated that despite the cruel pressures and sanctions, the Islamic Republic of Iran has taken valuable steps in the direction of the growth of science and technology as well as economic development with the efforts of the country's young professionals. He also noted: "Sanctions and threats could not stop Iran in any way."

Raisi called cooperation and communication with neighboring and aligned Muslim countries the priority of the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran and stressd: "Expanding relations with Indonesia as one of the important and effective countries in Asia and the world, which is a member of important regional and international organizations is very important for Iran".

In the end, the president stated that Iran and Indonesia have diverse and abundant fields and capacities to improve the level of their relations, and expressed hope that the visit can have constructive effects in the direction of expanding interactions between two great and powerful Islamic countries in the region and the world.


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