Tehran (IP) - In a meeting with his Iranian counterpart, the President of Belarus emphasized the efforts of the two sides to reach 100 million dollars in trade between the two countries.

Iran PressIran news: Alexander Lukashenko met Ebrahim Raisi at Sa'dabad Historical Complex on Monday. Lukashenko arrived in Tehran on Sunday and was welcomed by Raisi at Sa'dabad Historical Complex.

After meeting and signing the agreements, the two presidents spoke in a televised meeting Raisi said: "Today we reached a comprehensive road map between the two countries. The road map can determine the conditions of relations between the two countries."

The President of Iran added: "Despite the threats and sanctions, Iran has been able to make huge progress and has turned the sanctions into an opportunity. Iran is ready to share its experiences in dealing with sanctions with the friendly country of Belarus.

Raisi emphasized: "We had useful discussions on the development of cooperation in international and regional organizations. We can cooperate in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the Eurasian Economic Union, and this bilateral and regional cooperation will give a much better shape to international cooperation."

"Both countries are against unilateralism. To us bilateral relations are a way to deal with sanctions," Raisi noted.

For his part, Lukashenko also said: "My latest visit to Tehran backs to 17 years ago. It is a fact that no sanctions and pressure could stop Iran from progressing. A strong Iran continues to progress. We had a period of suspension in the relations between the two countries, but we passed it successfully, and many documents were signed today, if we implement all of them, we can increase the trade between the two countries to 100 million."

"Sanctions are opportunities and two countries should not miss these opportunities," Lukashenko added.

"The positions of the two countries are the same in international and regional issues, and both want a just and multipolar world, the president of Belarus underscored.In 2022, compared to 2021, the volume of trade has tripled, but it is not enough," he said adding: " In the past, the documents that were signed were not implemented, but today we agreed that all understandings should be implemented and we will continue all relations in a broader framework."In the end, Lukashenko invited the president to visit Minsk."


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