On the third day of the 41st Fajr International Film Festival, "Colonel Soraya" directed by Leili Aaj and produced by Jalil Shabani addressed the topic of "Mojahedin Khalq Organization".

Iran PressIran News: Leili  Aaj is having her first film in this year's festival, which has tried to enter into a big and important project in the field of filmmaking by using the theme of "Ashraf Barracks", the headquarters of MKO.

In the press conference of this film which was held on Friday night, Aaj answered the question of the Iran Press reporter about the documents used in the making of this film to introduce MKO, referring to the presence of the mothers in the press conference hall who had their children's photos in their hands.

He said: I talked for days and hours with these mothers who were waiting for their children for years. These mothers had tears in their eyes during the screening of the film.

Referring to the keywords "mother", "child" and expectation, Aaj said: This film can have a global audience.

Jalil Shabani, the producer of this film, also pointed out that this fact  (People's attendance at Mojahedin Khalq Organization) can happen anywhere in the world, the subject is completely international.

Behzad Abdi, the composer of this film, also said: I watched many documentaries and songs to create this work, and finally I came to this choice.


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