Permanent Representative to the United Nations has announced Iran’s support for Syria’s diplomatic rapprochement with other countries.

Iran PressAmerica: Amir Saeid Iravani was addressing the UN Security Council meeting on Wednesday on political and humanitarian developments in Syria.

The Damascus government in recent months has re-established diplomatic ties with several regional countries, including the United Arab Emirates, after more than a decade. 


Iravani said, "a secure, stable and developed Syria benefits the Syrian people, as well as the region and the international community."

He reiterated that the crisis in Syria should be resolved based on international law.

"A political solution based on Syrians’ leadership and under their guidance, which is facilitated by the UN, is the only way out of this crisis," the Iranian envoy said.

He stressed that "such a process should fully protect the Syrian Arab Republic’s unity as well as its national sovereignty and territorial integrity."

Iravani referred to terrorism, calling it a serious threat to Syria and the region, but said that foreign forces present in northern Syria should not use the fight against terrorism as an excuse to violate the Arab country’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

"Such an illegal presence continues to violate the UN Charter and international law while creating ideal conditions for terror activities. It should come to an end," Iravani noted.

The Iranian envoy also referred to Israel’s attacks on Syrian territory, urging the Security Council to “immediately” force the regime to stop its acts of aggression against Syria.

He said that the Islamic Republic of Iran strongly condemns the Israeli attacks which threaten international and regional peace and stability, and have continued despite Damascus’ repeated calls on the Security Council to denounce them.

Iravani voiced Iran's support for the Astana peace process, as well as the international humanitarian efforts ongoing in Syria, saying that political conditions should not be an obstacle to reaching out to those in need in the Arab country.

The Iranian envoy in the meantime called for the removal of unilateral coercive measures against Syria, especially the measures that are targeting ordinary people and patients, warning that such “illegal” actions have made it difficult to dispatch humanitarian aid to Syria and would delay the return of refugees and the internally displaced people to their homes.

"Iran demands the international community increase funds required for humanitarian efforts in Syria, especially with regard to harsh winter conditions," the envoy said.

Iravani also expressed support and gratitude to the Syrian government over its efforts on national reconciliation, calling them a key step in restoring stability in Syria.

He said that Syria has always played a key role in West Asia and has been one of the main pillars of peace and security there.

“Iran backs Syria’s position in the region and the country’s diplomatic rapprochement because we believe that a secure, stable and developed Syria benefits its people, the region, and the international community,” Iravani said.