South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol on Tuesday granted his special pardons to former President Lee Myung-bak as well as some other politicians and former government officials, according to the Ministry of Justice.

Iran PressAsia: Lee, 81, who was president from 2008 to 2013, has been serving a 17-year sentence for corruption, embezzlement and bribery since 2018, though he has often been released temporarily for medical treatment.

In June, prosecutors suspended Lee's imprisonment, upon his request, citing his deteriorating health.

With the special pardon to be effective on Wednesday, Lee will be exempted from the remaining 15 years in prison.

It marked the second presidential pardon that Yoon has granted since he took office in May.

Lee is the fourth former South Korean president to be jailed. His successor, Park Geun-hye, was imprisoned in connection with a corruption scandal that ended her presidency in 2017.

She was pardoned by Yoon's predecessor in late 2021 after nearly five years in prison.


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