IP- The era of the unipolar world, when the United States dictated conditions to other countries and even "broke" their political systems, is coming to an end, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister told TASS in an interview.

Iran PressEurope: "The geopolitical realities in which we exist today seriously impact the entire system of global and regional processes, including integration ones. The era of a unipolar world, when the United States and its European satellites used intimidation tactics that they had polished to perfection over the years to dictate conditions to other countries and determine their course of development in accordance with their selfish interests and even break their state systems, is coming to an end," Mikhail Galuzin said.

He is certain that tectonic shifts are taking place around the world towards multipolarity and mutually beneficial cooperation based on the principles of equality, respect for the interests of and non-interference in the internal affairs of other states. However, this process has turned out to be a painful one, primarily due to Washington’s resistance.

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"Unilateral illegitimate restrictive measures, unprecedented in their scale, that are introduced indiscriminately, sometimes to the detriment of its own partners, have become an integral part of its (Washington's) foreign policy," Galuzin said. "In response to pressure on us and on our allies in these conditions we are working to strengthen multilateral cooperation within the framework of regional integration. Russia remains an honest and reliable ally both in political, trading and economic terms. The relations of trust that remain among the CIS, CSTO and EAEU countries contribute to the fulfillment of obligations and the achievement of new goals."

"Today, the focus is on ensuring the stable functioning of our economies and the formation of financial mechanisms that are resistant to external factors," Galuzin concluded.


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