Rasht (IP) – The old market of Rasht, the capital of Gilan Province, is one of the old markets in the north of Iran, and the fishmonger section of this market is famous.

Iran PressIran News: The old market of Rasht continued its trading activities until late at night on Monday, at the same time as the rioters called for a strike of marketers and businessmen throughout Iran.

In the last days of the autumn season, under the shadow of security, the people of Rasht go to the old market of their city and buy the goods they need.

In the last days of the Iranian month of Azar and on the eve of the Yalda night, the people of Rasht have a large presence in the old market of their city.

On Monday night, Iran Press reporter was present in the old market of Rasht and depicted the flow of life in the last nights of autumn.

Under the guidance of hostile and anti-revolutionary media, rioters are trying to keep the fire of unrest in Iran burning, but the absolute majority of people and marketers are not with them.


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