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Tehran(IP)- In an exclusive interview with Iran press, the Chief Commander of the Iranian Navy urges the removal of terrorism supporters from the region thanks to synergy, consensus, and convergence among regional states.

Iran PressIran news: The 7th of Azar (November 28, 2022) is named Navy Day in the Islamic Republic of Iran calendar. The Iranian Navy plays an essential role in the seas and simultaneously plays an influential role in establishing maritime security, moving in the direction of global peace and security.

On the occasion of Iran's Navy Day, Iran press correspondent had an exclusive interview with the Chief Commander of Iran's Army. Rear Admiral Shahram Irani, in a part of the interview, emphasized the Islamic Republic of Iran expects that the countries of the region will reach a synergy by relying on their capabilities and by expelling the notorious countries that are on the path of terrorism in the name of providing security,  fully take the control of the security of the region in their hands.

Rear Admiral Irani said about the importance of honoring Navy Day and its continuous presence in the seas that each organization has been dedicated a day according to the type of activity it has had involved with and the peak point it has reached, and this day is remembered every year.

Significance and message of Navy Day

The Chief Commander of the Iranian Navy added the importance of honoring the day, which must be blessed, is, first of all, to remember the dear martyrs who sacrificed their lives with sincerity so that the people of their country would always be proud.

Rear Admiral Irani stated that the importance of remembering the 7th of Azar is due to recounting, reviewing, and looking at the bravery, efforts, and sacrifices of our dear naval comrades who were able to carry out their mission with pride during eight years of holy defense and with a stunning operation and they cut the main artery of enemies' economy and keep the economic path of our beloved country wholly safe and stable.

The Chief Commander of the Iranian Navy emphasized the message of the presence of Iranian ships in the seas, all over the world, especially the countries that are connected to the littoral area and water zone of ​​the globe, which shows that the country is powerful and has a high capacity, military power in the maritime domain.

Rear admiral Irani said that the presence of the naval fleet of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the strategic navy format primarily signals the authority of the system and our dear people, and when it is present in the seas, it means localized knowledge and industry.

The Chief Commander of the Iranian Navy stressed that, most importantly, piling up presence in the seas will safeguard the country and our beloved people, our precious martyrs, show the world how Iran stands on its own feet, and show its resolution to the people of the world.

Equipping Navy with multi-purpose missile system submarines 

Rear Admiral Irani said about the achievements of the Navy by relying on localized knowledge, and new achievements on the agenda: "Since the strategic navy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is basically present outside the borders and even thousands of kilometers away and in the ocean areas, its operational presence leads definitely to a special environment; it means that it must have a serious presence at the sea level, below the sea level, and in the air."

He also said that our latest achievements are our indigenous submarines, which are completely up-to-date and, in addition to being able to launch torpedoes, they are equipped with missile systems whose completion is on the agenda; hopefully, we will see them soon, and these systems are multi-purpose.

Irani pointed out that the latest achievements in the surface area are modern destroyers; the destroyer of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is called "Dena," is equipped with the latest equipment and naval capabilities in the field of detection, reconnaissance, engagement, and destruction of the enemy and is currently carrying out its mission.

The Chief Commander of the Iranian Navy said that in the field of flight and air, the Navy is present both in manned and especially in unmanned flights with a range of more than a thousand kilometers in the ocean and high seas.

Message behind Iran, Russia, and China joint naval drill

Regarding the message conveyed by Iran, Russia, and China's joint naval drill Rear Admiral Irani added that the Iranian Navy, which is active in the international arena, should have relations with countries.

Rear Admiral Irani stated that maritime and defense diplomacy are one of the levels of our relations. Holding drills are done in the form of joint hybrid drills with countries that respect each other and are very close regarding training, technology, and equipment.

The Chief Commander of the Iranian Navy added: "The joint naval exercise that we are conducting with the presence of China and Russia in the Indian Ocean is one of the areas of defense and sea diplomacy that we have on our agenda to develop and expand. The presence of more countries holding these annual joint drills shows the capability and prosperity of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the field of naval defense and military, which is being carried out with a trend of development and growth."

Iran's serious presence in golden triangle of maritime economy

Rear admiral Irani said about the significance and message of the presence of the Iranian Navy in the northern Indian Ocean and other strategic maritime areas: "The Strategic Navy of the Islamic Republic of Iran has a serious presence in the northern Indian Ocean as a special international region and of global significance due to the amount of movement of vessels, the presence of civilian vessels, and especially as a golden triangle of the maritime and sea-based economy; in order to establish shipping security and prioritize the security of civilian vessels of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the commercial, oil tanker, and fisheries fields."

The commander of the Iranian Navy stated that the message of our presence in the waters is that we stand on our own feet and independently establish this security for our shipping line. Still, besides this, it is a great honor for the strategic Navy of the Islamic Republic of Iran that the countries of the region and other shipping lines of the world also benefit from this security.

Rear Admiral Irani stated: "As you know, the sacred system of Iran and the Islamic Revolution has always been the harbingers of peace and friendship, synergy" and convergence at the regional and world level, and we expect that the countries of the region, relying on their internal capabilities and the capabilities of their neighbors, will reach a serious consensus and convergence and to remove  states which came in the name of providing security, but are on the path of terrorism, from the region and take control off the security of the region entirely in their hands."

In the end, the Chief Commander of the Iranian Navy said the role and contribution of the Iranian Navy in establishing maritime security is a special one due to its independent functioning, so it has always won the attention of the United Nations and international organizations, and we have received letters of appreciation.


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