Eslamshahr (IP) – Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi told the people of Eslamshahr that the enemies wanted to interrupt Iran's trade and exports through sanctions and threats, but oil and non-oil exports were not interrupted.

Iran PressIran News: Addressing the people of Eslamshahr on Thursday, President Raisi stated: "In production and industrial centers, the effort of our youth is that no problems arise despite the sanctions; with the good progress we had in the nuclear and defense industries, science and technology, and nanotechnology, we won many honors in the international scientific fields."

He explained that the enemy presumed that the production in Iran would be interrupted by threats and sanctions, which was not done; people's strong will led to the country's progress in such a way that anyone who looks at knowledge-based works is surprised.

"Enemies wanted to interrupt our trade and exports with sanctions and threats, but Iran's oil and non-oil exports were not interrupted," Raisi concluded.


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