Media sources reported on Friday that the Israeli regime's troops shot a Palestinian dead in the West Bank's northern part.

Iran PressMiddle East: Near to a checkpoint station in Nablus, one Palestinian was martyred, and two others were injured due to the Israeli shootings. 

The Israeli forces also shot dead 4 Palestinians in Nablus on Tuesday and left 22 others wounded.

According to a Defence for Children International report, 29 Palestinian children have been martyred by Israeli troops in the West Bank since the beginning of the current year.

As the movement stressed, the children were hit by live bullets to the upper part of the body, which shows that the Israeli regime deliberately shot at the Palestinians with the intention of killing them.

The movement also said that the impunity improvised by the Israeli regime for killing people, particularly children, unleashed the regime to continue its crimes against the children freely. 

Since 1948, the Israeli regime has invaded Palestine, arresting, wounding, and killing the Palestinian people and destroying their homes. 


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