IP- Iran's representation in the United Nations rejected the accusations of the United States and the United Kingdom against Tehran for having a role in the cyber attack on Albania, saying that these two countries have no competency and legitimacy to make such accusations against the Islamic Republic.

Iran PressAmerica: Iran's Permanent Mission to the United Nations emphasized that the Islamic Republic of Iran, as a victim of cyber attacks, condemns any cyber attack on civilian infrastructure in all forms.

The representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran added in a statement: The US and Britain, which have been silent in numerous cyber attacks against Iran's infrastructure and even nuclear facilities and even directly and indirectly support these actions, have no competency and legitimacy to make such accusations against the Islamic Republic

The Islamic Republic is one of the main victims of terrorism, and Iran wants the UN member states to adhere to their international obligations to fight terrorism and to stop harboring terrorist groups in their lands, the statement reads.

Previously, Adrienne Watson, the spokesperson of the US National Security Council made accusations against Iran and said in a statement that the United States strongly condemns Iran’s cyberattack against our NATO Ally, Albania. 

"For weeks, the U.S. government has been on the ground working alongside private sector partners to support Albania’s efforts to mitigate, recover from, and investigate the July 15 cyberattack that destroyed government data and disrupted government services to the public, Watson added.

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The Prime Minister of Albania also made baseless accusations against Iran and stated that his country had severed its relations with Iran.

Meanwhile, Iranian foreign ministry spokesman has rejected the baseless claims made by the Albania government and considered severing ties with Iran as an unwise action.

In a statement on Wednesday afternoon, Nasser Kanaani rejected the baseless claims made by the government of Albania against the Islamic Republic of Iran, and said that the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs considers the country's decision to sever political relations with our country based on such baseless claims to be an ill-considered and short-sighted action in international relations.



"As one of the countries that have been the target of cyber attacks on its critical infrastructure, the Islamic Republic of Iran rejects and condemns any use of cyberspace as a means to attack the infrastructure of other countries," the Iranian spokesman said.

He said that the third countries that support terrorism played a key role in Albania's wrong decision.

After the expulsionthe  of MKO terrorist group of from Iraq, they migrated to Albania at the order of the United States and with the coordination of other NATO members so that it could continue spying and subversive actions against the people of Iran.


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