Tehran (IP)- The Secretary-General of the High Council for Human Rights of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in a statement on the occasion of Anti-Terrorism Day, called on all governments to end the impunity of terrorists.

Iran PressIran News: More than seven decades have passed since the adoption of the United Nations Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the world has been burning in the fire of extremism, hatred, and violence.

If once world wars were the most important cause of death of millions of people around the world, today terrorism causes the death of thousands of innocent people.

The scourge of terrorism and misusing it by some countries has caused innocent people to die daily in the world.

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Categorizing terrorism into good and bad and using it to destroy opponents and shelter and support is one of the reasons for its growth and a threat to international peace and security.

Today, Western countries and the US have become safe havens for terrorist groups. The High Council for Human Rights of the Islamic Republic of Iran considers the day of the fight against terrorism as the day when the governments that support terrorism stop sheltering them and start prosecuting them.


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