Tehran (IP) – Iranian security forces dismantled two terrorist teams affiliated with foreign intelligence services.

Iran PressIran News: Iran's Ministry of Intelligence stated in a statement on Monday that six armed terrorists who had entered Iran with the mission of assassinating several foreign nationals working on infrastructure projects in Sistan and Baluchestan Province were identified and arrested by Iranian security forces.

The statement added that the support team of these terrorists also disbanded.

In the statement, the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence warned the foreign intelligence services that any terrorist act would not be left unanswered.

After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, various activities have been carried out by the United States - the Zionist regime and its regional allies to overthrow the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In recent years, with the failure of the maximum pressure of US sanctions, the maximum security pressure against Iran was formed. There is extensive cooperation between Israel, the United States, and the UK in these movements.


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