A cooperation memorandum was signed between Iran Cinema Organization and Moscow State Cinematography University.

Iran PressIran news: In a joint meeting between Mohammed Khazaei, the head of the Iran Cinema Organization, and Vladmir Sergeevich Malyshev, the president of the Moscow State University, and its professors, a memorandum of cooperation between the Iran Cinema Organization and the Moscow State Cinematography University was signed.

Khazaei who has traveled to Russia, after signing the memorandum of cooperation, referred to the importance of cultural exchanges and academic cooperation between Iran and Russia in the field of cinema and noted that Moscow State Cinematography University is a scientific center with a long history and a prestigious place in the world.

The head of the Moscow State Cinematography University also said: "We are aware of the history, and honors of Iranian cinema in the world."

Expressing hope for the expansion and continuation of cooperation in the future, Sergeevich Malyshev said there are many opportunities to expand cooperation.


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