Baghdad (IP) - Iranian cinema week is scheduled to be commemorated in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad.

Iran PressIran News: Iran's ambassador to Baghdad has announced commemorating the Iranian cinema week in Iraq from  July 23-26, 2022, at Iraq's national theater center titled (from Baghdad, here in Tehran) reported.

Mohammad Kazem Al-Sadeq, Iran's ambassador to Iraq, emphasizing the deep and shared historical and cultural relations between the two countries, said: "The Islamic Republic of Iran has a special and high concern for cooperation with Iraq in all fields and appreciated the efforts of the Iraqi delegation in the recent trip to Iran that led to signing a memorandum of understanding on cultural cooperation between two sides."

Iran's ambassador to Iraq also met with the Iraqi Minister of Culture and Tourism Hassan Nazem on Monday and exchanged views on expanding cultural cooperation between the two countries.

Cultural cooperation between Iraq and Iran extended to the fields of religious tourism, antiquities, literature, exchange of experiences in various artistic areas, and transformative collaboration in the restoration and maintenance of ancient works and manuscripts.

Among the Arab countries of West Asia, Iraq has the most cultural and religious affinities with Iran.

Having the longest border among the neighbors (about 1258 km land border and 351 km water border), as well as racial, historical, linguistic ties, religious commonalities, and the existence of threats and the common security and economic interests are considered essential points in Iran-Iraq relations.

Expanding relations between Iran and Iraq in recent years has always been on the agenda of the authorities of the two countries due to the many cultural, political, and religious commonalities.


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