Tehran(IP)- The head of Bahrain Human Rights Association regarding human rights violations in Bahrain stated: that religious discrimination, the destruction of 38 Shia mosques, and the targeting of Sheikh Issa Ghasem are among the examples of human rights violations in Bahrain.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking at the International Expert meeting on Islamic human rights that was held in Tehran on Wednesday, Bagher Darvish said: The government of Bahrain is pretending to have human rights while the people's trust in the government has decreased over the past ten years. The government has influenced the media institutions, and Bahrain has been introduced as a place for various religions and freedom.

The head of Bahrain Human Rights Association also said: The Islamic society needs to understand the concept of Islamic human rights, but we do not have the necessary resources in this regard, which causes Islamic human rights activists to lack self-confidence.

In this ceremony, Mohsen Ghanei, the general coordinator of women and human rights at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said: Human rights is a political tool for governments and human beings, and the concept of human rights in Western societies is different from Islamic societies.

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following the meeting, Halimah Hosseini, an international activist of Afghanistan, emphasized the issue of communication and said: Today, there is a need to establish communication between all Muslim countries and those who love Islam.

She added: Today, Iran, because of the martyrs and the power it has gained, can hold such meetings and express its approach, while it is not possible to hold such meetings in Afghanistan.


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