Bahrainis take to streets to voice solidarity with political detainees

A number of Bahrainis gathered to protest on Tuesday night to condemn the detention of political activists, news sources reported.

Iran PressMiddle East: According to Iran Press, the Bahraini Alwefaq National Islamic Society 's Twitter account wrote:

"Residents of Al-Sanabis town held a protest rally condemning the attacks and arbitrary arrests and expressing solidarity with political prisoners, including Dr. Abdul Jalil al-Sankis."

According to the report, residents of Demestan town also held a rally in solidarity with imprisoned activists. Protesters held placards reading: "We will not leave the streets until our demands are met" and demanded the release of political prisoners.

Bahrainis also held demonstrations last week demanding the release of political prisoners.

Since the reopening of the Israeli embassy in Bahrain (October 8th), regions of the country have always witnessed protests against the normalization of relations with Tel Aviv.

Bahrain and the Israeli regime formally signed a normalization agreement on September 15, 2020, through the mediation of former US President Donald Trump. The normalization of the country's relations with the Israeli regime provoked widespread protests in the Islamic world.


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