Tehran (IP) - On Tuesday morning, the President of the United States announced the death of Ayman al-Zawahiri, the leader of Al-Qaeda. According to Joe Biden, the leader of Al-Qaeda was killed in the US drone attack on Kabul.

Iran PressCommentary: Zawahiri, 71, was chosen as the leader of al-Qaeda in 2011, following the killing of Osama bin Laden. Al-Zawahiri was one of the main perpetrators of the September 11, 2001 attack, in which more than three thousand people were killed.

On the morning of September 11, 2001, 15 Saudi nationals, along with four other people, hijacked four passenger planes in the United States and made the most significant terrorist attack in the history of the country, the attack that became an excuse for the United States to attack Afghanistan and then Iraq in the first step to affect the entire region of West Asia.

But the important issue in this regard is that all the US administrations are trying to ignore the role of Saudi Arabia in supporting the agents of this attack because they think that any discussion about the attack will have a negative impact on the bilateral relations between Riyadh and Washington and endangers the economic interests of the US.

Now, twenty-one years after that incident, Joe Biden's administration, by announcing the death of al-Zawahiri, seeks to solve its domestic and foreign challenges.

Currently, Biden is at the lowest level of popularity among all 70-year-old American presidents, and one of the reasons for that is the unplanned withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan in August 2021.

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Therefore, killing the leader of al-Qaeda in the capital of Afghanistan one year after the withdrawal can help restore the image of the American government in the eyes of some citizens.

In addition, in less than 100 days, the American midterm elections will be held, and Biden and the Democratic Party are deeply worried about losing in these elections. Experience has proven that events such as the killing of leaders of terrorist groups, especially key people in the events of September 11, lead to the support of American voters.

However, doubts have arisen among American media and politicians about the way in which al-Zawahiri was identified in Kabul and how he was killed; it is an important point that how America found out about the hideout of the al-Qaeda leader after leaving Afghanistan.

The killing of the al-Qaeda leader a few days after the Tashkent meeting and the first conversation between American officials and Taliban officials after the group's takeover of Afghanistan has made the suspicion of intelligence and operational cooperation between the United States and the Taliban to physically eliminate the al-Qaeda leader more likely.

The media reported that negotiations were held between the Taliban and the Americans in the Tashkent meeting to resolve the frozen assets of the Central Bank of Afghanistan in the US banks.

In other words, the Taliban may have informed Washington of the whereabouts of al-Zawahiri in exchange for the promise of the Americans to release part of the Afghan property.

In any case, considering the cooperation of the Americans with the Taliban a few years ago, which ultimately led to the Afghan government's fall at this group's hands, this possibility becomes stronger.


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