Tehran (IP) - The spokesman of Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the shelling of Zakho district of Duhok in Iraq, which resulted in the deaths and injuries of a number of civilians.

Iran PressIran news: The spokesman of Iran's  Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nasser Kaaani , while expressing his sympathy with the families of the victims, the Iraqi government and nation, emphasized the Islamic Republic of Iran's firm support for the stability and security of Iraq and added: "The Islamic Republic of Iran considers the security of Iraq as its own security and will not hesitate to provide any assistance in this regard."

At least nine people were killed and 34 injured in a rocket attack in Iraq’s northern province of Dohuk, a Kurdish security source and a Kurdish official said on Wednesday.

The Kurdish official said that the attack hit a resort in Zakho, a city on the border between Iraqi Kurdistan and Türkiye.

Kurdish sources, publishing a video, reported that the Howitzer missile hit a resort in northern Iraq in the attack, and several people were injured.

Earlier, attributing the attack to Türkiye, the Iraqi Prime Minister emphasized that this country reserves its full right to respond to the alleged Turkish aggression.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi affirmed his country’s preservation of the response to the attacks, stressing that Iraq will take all necessary measures to protect its people, and hold the aggressor party all the consequences of the ongoing escalation.

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However, in a statement on Wednesday night, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Türkiye called the attack on Iraq's Dohuk a terrorist act and attributed it to the Kurdistan Workers' Party.

Iraq's government decided in a meeting on Wednesday to summon the Iraqi Charge d'Affaires in Türkiye for consultation after accusing Ankara of carrying out a strike on a mountain resort, the state news agency INA reported.

The government also decided to hold the process of appointing a new ambassador to Ankara after the attack that killed eight tourists and wounded another 34 people in Iraq's northern Dohuk province, the agency added.


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