In response to the attack attributed to the Turkish army on the Kurdistan Region, the Iraqi Prime Minister emphasized that this country reserves its full right to respond to this aggression.

Iran PressMiddle East: At least nine people were killed and 34 injured in a rocket attack in Iraq’s northern province of Dohuk, a Kurdish security source and a Kurdish official said on Wednesday.

The Kurdish official said that the attack hit a resort in Zakho, a city on the border between Iraqi Kurdistan and Türkiye.

Kurdish sources, publishing a video, reported that the Howitzer missile hit a resort in northern Iraq in the attack, and several people were injured.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi affirmed his country’s preservation of the response to the attacks, stressing that Iraq “will take all necessary measures to protect its people, and hold the aggressor party all the consequences of the ongoing escalation.”

Attributing the attack to Turkish forces, Iraqi Prime Minister, Mostafa Al-Kazimi, in  a statement on his Twitter account, said: "Turkish forces, today (Wednesday), with an artillery attack on one of the tourist centers of Dohuk province in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, once again committed a clear and open aggression against the sovereignty of Iraq and the lives of Iraqi citizens and their security." 

He added that as a result of this aggression, a number of defenseless civilians, most of whom were women and children, were martyred and wounded."

The Iraqi Prime Minister added: "This cruel aggression proves that the Turkish side has been indifferent to Iraq's continuous demands to stop military actions against the country's territory and the lives of Iraqis."

Earlier, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Iraqi President Barham Saleh also reacted to this action of Türkiye and condemned it.

Iraq has submitted a complaint to the Security Council regarding the Turkish aggression, and Baghdad has started a series of measures to stop the Turkish aggression. 219

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