The Handicraft Awards Academy has published a call for entries for the Sixth International Handicrafts Awards (ICA 2021) to honor artists in the field of handicrafts.

Iran PressIran news: According to the Office of Public Relations and Information of the Sixth International Handicraft Award (ICA 2021) from all artists, craftsmen, designers, organizations, individuals and all those who work to develop the handicraft sector and make a significant contribution to the sustainable and inclusive development of the field have been invited to submit their works to the secretariat of this award. Events of the sections of the sixth edition of the International Handicraft Award will be as follows: 

Category A (for artisans). No need to pay:

Craftsman of the Year

Master Artist of the Year

Category B (for individuals). No need to pay:

Handicraft Designer of the Year

Handicrafts pattern of the year (helping the person to develop the handicrafts sector)

A lifetime of artistic achievement to contribute to the sustainable development of the handicraft sector and its inclusion in social culture

Category C (for organizations). Registration fee starts from Rs. 4,999:

Village of the year

Organization / company for sustainable development of handicrafts sector

Organization / company developing the business of the handicrafts sector

Institute / Academy of Industrial Engineering Year

Category D (for brands). Registration fee starts from Rs 9,999:

Brand of handicrafts of the year in the field of fashion

Handicraft brand of the year in the field of beauty and health / beauty

Brand of handicrafts of the year in the field of jewelry

Brand of handicrafts of the year in the field of perfume

Brand of handicrafts in the field of luxury goods

Brand of handicrafts of the year in the field of interior design

Brand of handicrafts of the year in the field of shoes

Handicraft brand of the year in the field of accessories

Dr. Qadeh Hajavi Award for Handicrafts Reviver of the Year

Terms of participation in the event Minimum age and other conditions Applicants must be at least 18 years old.  

Participation in this competition is open to all professional and amateur craftsmen and designers from any country. 

submit the application form is available online, which you can download and send with the relevant information and images. Interested craftsmen / artists / designers can also apply by sending an email to [email protected]  After receiving the application, the participation form in the competition along with the terms and conditions will be sent via email.

In the confirmation email, you will be asked to submit 3 photos of your work. Images must be in jpg image files (approximately 1000 pixels long). The photos must be related to the recent works of the artists that have been created in the last 3 years. Note that the following costs are borne by the. Travel, insurance, visa and other related expenses: B.

Accommodation expenses and other expenses for participating in the ceremony of announcing the winners and prizes. 

Selection criteria: The selection is made by a competent jury of international handicraft awards to the highest level of creativity. To ensure the originality, production technique and artistic quality intended for this purpose. Only nominated artists / designers can participate in the International Handicrafts Awards. The following criteria will be considered for selection:

 Send timely requests and photos of works

 Complete submission of all required documents and eligibility criteria

 Declare the authenticity of the work to ensure that intellectual property is not stolen

 Other documents / criteria described in the application form.

How to select winners: The competition consists of three selected stages: 

Step 1- Filtering: Pre-selection by internal jury

Step 2 - Nomination: Selection of the nominees by the International Jury Step 3 - Present the prize to the finalist and winner.

The right to use Participants whose works have been nominated for the International Handicrafts Award give the 'Handicraft Village' the right to publish their submitted images on the International Handicraft Award web page, the official Facebook Award, website, newsletters and media coverage to introduce the winners. 

The ICA International Handicrafts Awards event has been operating since 2017 to honor handicrafts, artisans, designers, individuals, institutions, councils, handicraft villages and related organizations due to their outstanding participation in the handicrafts sector. ICA sets a new standard in the world with the highest level of design skills and excellence.  The event provides an open platform for builders working in a variety of materials and media to have their work evaluated by a panel of professional judges and international craft experts.

These awards promote and encourage talent with the highest standards and make international handicraft awards an annual global feature. Over the past five years, more than a thousand artists from more than 40 countries have been nominated for International Crafts Awards. The awards ceremony will be held during Indian Handicrafts Week. 

Time schedule: The deadline for submitting works is August 15, 2022. The final judging will take place on Sep 15 2022 and the winners will be announced on October 15, 2022.  Applicants can participate in the sixth Academy of Crafts Awards by downloading and filling out this form and sending it to [email protected] 

For more information on this, visit the official website of these awards.

General Department of Public Relations and Information of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts.


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