The vice president and head of Iran's Department of Environment arrived in Baghdad on Saturday afternoon to hold intensive meetings with Iraqi officials to discuss dust control.

Iran PressMiddle East: Upon arrival in Iraq, the Iranian official was welcomed by the Iraqi Minister of Health and Environment Jassim al-Fallahi.

On Sunday, the head of Iran's Environment Department is scheduled to meet with the Iraqi foreign, environment and agriculture ministers, as well as the Iraqi prime minister.

Ali Salajegheh, headed by a technical and expert delegation from the Ministries of Jihad for Agriculture, Roads and Urban Development, Energy and Foreign Affairs of Iran, will be in Iraq for two days to review effective and immediate solutions to control dust pollution.

The purpose of this trip is to exchange views with the Iraqi authorities in the direction of collective cooperation in the region to deal with dust.

Also, field visits to dust centers and reviews of effective and immediate solutions to reduce the effects of this phenomenon are on the agenda.

Iran's chief of the Environment Department expressed hope that by creating regional convergence and conciliation, appropriate achievements in combating dust will be achieved for the people of our country and the countries of the region.

Following the escalation of the dust phenomenon in the region and the President's Ebrahim Raisi strict order for immediate follow-up, Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian wrote a letter to the foreign ministers of countries of dust origin or affected by the environmental crisis caused by the widespread release of dust in the region. 219