Urmia (IP) - On the first day of his provincial tour to West Azerbaijan province, Iranian president visited the process of restoring Lake Urmia and the measures taken in this regard.

Iran PressIran News: On his way from Urmia to Mahabad, Ebrahim Raisi visited the process of restoring Lake Urmia by air.

Measures have been taken in this project, and Raisi issued the necessary instructions to accelerate the process of reviving the lake.

Raisi arrived in Urmia, the capital of Urmia County in West Azerbaijan Province, on Friday morning to mark the 21st provincial trip of the Popular Government, and was welcomed by the representative of the Supreme Leader in the province, the governor-general, and a group of local officials.

Among the most important plans of the President Raisi during his one-day visit to West Azerbaijan Province, we can name meeting with different groups of people, attending the administrative council, visiting development and service projects, and holding a press conference at the end of the trip.

The President is accompanied by the Ministers of Roads and Urban Development and Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts and Communications and Information Technology, as well as the Vice-President for Executive Affairs and the President's Chief of Staff.

Meeting with economic activists of West Azerbaijan

Iranian president said: "The administrative system should be efficient and economic acticvists should easily solve their problems in this system. Prompt decisions in customs and decision-making sectors are a barrier for producers and exporters, and the government is determined to stabilise decision-making and regulations."

In a meeting with economic activists and businessmen of West Azerbaijan Province on Friday afternoon, Ebrahim Raisi said: "It is the duty of all of us to preserve the fruits of the martyrs' blood and revive the country's capacities."

Emphasizing the need for private-sector cooperation with the government in this regard, the President added: "The lifting of sanctions by the private sector has gone well, but it can go even better. This process has led the White House spokesperson to admit the scandalous failure of the policy of maximum pressure against Iran."

Referring to the request of a number of economic activists for health and transparency in the administrative system, Raisi said: "The administrative system should be efficient and economic activists should easily solve their problems in this system. Prompt decisions in customs and decision-making sectors are a barrier for producers and exporters, and the government is determined to stabilize decision-making and regulations."

Stressing that the management and decision-making for customs terminals should be unified, Raisi said: "By observing the independence of all devices, at the same time, a single management should be formed in the terminals, which should be under the governor-general".

In another part of his speech, Raisi stressed the need to establish an international science and technology park in West Azerbaijan Province, saying: "This province is an irreplaceable point that can be a hub for regional trade. West Azerbaijan Province is also a hub for tourism, mining and agriculture."

Referring to the government's success in containing the coronavirus outbreak and the impact of this measure on the development of tourism in the country, Raisi said: "Trips on Nowruz have increased by 50% this year compared to last year, and the government intends to maintain this social vitality."

At the end of his speech, the Iranian president emphasized: "Selling raw materials is to the detriment of the country, and instead of selling raw materials, we should try to create more added value and create jobs".

President Raisi's speech among People of Mahabad

Appreciating the existing unity and cohesion in West Azerbaijan Province, the president said: "The key to the development of the country and solving the problems is national unity and cohesion."

During his visit to West Azerbaijan Province on Friday afternoon, Ebrahim Raisi said that this province has really excelled in various fields, adding: "West Azerbaijan has given prominent martyrs both in protecting the values of the Islamic Revolution and in defending the borders of the country."

Raisi added: "The understanding people of Mahabad and this region took a special test against the counter-revolution groups, the dissidents and the ill-wishers of the people of this region, and they really stood up with insight and disappointed the enemies."

"I must congratulate the people of Mahabad city and West Azerbaijan Province for this insight, resistance, and resistance against dissidents and ill-wishers.

Raisi went on to say: "I remind the new generation, dear girls and boys of this region, that your parents really stood with insight. The dear martyrs who sacrificed the people of this region for the Islamic Revolution are the best and greatest proof of the resilience of the people of this land."

President Raisi paid tribute to all the martyrs of the province and appreciated the resistance of the Basijis, army, forces of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC), the zealous border guards of the country, and all those who love the Islamic Revolution, saying: "In the government, we consider ourselves your servants, dear people, and we are proud of this service."

In the beginning, the people's government focused on controlling the coronavirus outbreak, which afflicted more than 700 families in our country every day, and thank God, today this number has reached less than 7 people a day.

Emphasizing that the protection of the lives of the people will always be important and pivotal for the government, Raisi stated: "I sincerely thank all the people for accompanying the government in containing the coronavirus outbreak."

The President noted: "In the economic field, I must sincerely thank the participation, efforts of the people, the assistance of each and every Iranian people and families, because if it were not for the participation and cooperation of the people in the economic reforms initiated by the government, the government could not eliminate infrastructure problems step by step".

Raisi said that West Azerbaijan Province has many capacities that should be used to eliminate unemployment, adding: "The issue of unemployment is very painful for me and eliminating unemployment and creating employment is one of the focal points among the government's programs."

The President described the production boom as a central issue in solving the employment problem, adding: "Production of basic science and technology can create employment for people, including the educated youngsters of the country."

Raisi described another important issue about West Azerbaijan Province as its border situation, saying: "Border markets and, most importantly the border, are not a threat but an opportunity. We will try to provide the ground for cross-border exchanges and the activation of cross-border markets for the dear young people who are talented in trade and commerce, and we consider this to be very right and we believe that it should be pursued."

Raisi emphasized: "One of the tasks that city and provincial officials must follow is to activate the border markets of the province, especially in the city of Mahabad, so that cross-border trade can be done legally."

Appreciating the efforts made to establish security in West Azerbaijan Province and also praising the unity and cohesion in this province, President Raisi said: "The key to the development of the country and solving the problems is national unity and cohesion."

Referring to the government's continuous efforts to solve the country's economic problems, the president said: "All government officials should know that today people expect the government to solve problems, especially that of unemployment, in a short time. The government has made every effort to create jobs, and in the past eight months, the volume of trade with neighbours has increased significantly, and we hope that these measures will bring more peace and comfort to the people."

President Raisi appears at Tamrchin border terminal, Customs

The President entered the border area of Piranshahr to visit the Tamrchin border terminal and Customs.

After visiting the memorial of the martyrs of Hajj Imran and visiting the graves of martyrs, Raisi met with the drivers of trucks and transit vehicles, and after hearing their problems, issued the necessary orders to eliminate the shortcomings.

The Tamrchin border is the zero point of the border with Iraqi Kurdistan and one of the most active border terminals in the country.


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