Tehran (IP)- The Deputy of West Azerbaijan Province Industry, Mine and Trade Organization in Northwest Iran said: "Since the beginning of this year (starting on March 21) until now, 1 billion and 691 million dollars goods have been exported from this province, 38 percent is higher than the same period in last year."

Iran PressIran news: In an interview with IRNA, Mohammad Dehqan added: "The main products are exported from the province include carpets, flooring, home appliances, tomato paste, watermelon, apple juice, apples, dates, grapes, cement, granite, chlorine, agricultural products, and furniture."

"Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan, the Republic of Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Russia, Romania, Germany, and Syria are the 10 countries that have imported most of these products," Dehqan noted.

Regarding the improvement of the border situation in connection with the COVID-19 disease, the official expressed hope that the number of exports would increase.

West Azerbaijan has 9 customs and 6 border markets; The province with a 967 km border is Iran's gateway to Europe via Turkey.


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