Tehran (IP) - Despite the widespread violations of human rights, the United States still allows itself to advise others on human rights, said the secretary of the Islamic Republic of Iran's High Council for Human Rights, in reaction to the discovery of dozens of mass graves on indigenous American schools.

Iran PressCommentary: Kazem Gharibabadi wrote on his personal Twitter page: "Native American children were separated from their families, barred from speaking their mother language, abused, raped, and eventually buried in mass graves, but the United States still advise others on human rights."

The separation of native American children from their families, their language and culture, and the compulsory education and eventual murder of some of them is a dark chapter in US history of the deliberate slaughter of America's original inhabitants. This is so obvious and undeniable that even the US administration has acknowledged it.

US Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland said in a report that administration investigations into the past of native boarding schools had led to the discovery of marked or unmarked mass graves at 53 of these schools.

"Severe physical, sexual and emotional abuse" has taken place in these schools and is well documented, and so far the names of more than 500 children who have lost their lives in these schools have been registered, the report noted.

Despite the US administration's claims of supporting human rights, protection of individual and social rights and freedoms, and civil rights in the country, the US administration has left a dark record on a variety of issues, including violent, inhumane, and discriminatory treatment of Indigenous peoples, minorities, and blacks, inhumane treatment of asylum seekers, the separation of children from their parents, the US police's relentless violence against people of color, prisoners situations, invasion of privacy, and more, all reflect Washington's false claims of supporting human rights.

Racial and ethnic minorities have been further affected by the outbreak of the coronavirus. Black, Latino, and Native American communities have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic, and this has deepened racial inequalities in the United States in the areas of healthcare, housing, access to safe water, employment, education, and wealth accumulation.

The United States, at the forefront of the Western countries who claim to support freedom and human rights as global police, publishes detailed reports on the human rights situation in other countries every year, targeting US adversaries and opponents in particular, as propaganda and political attack while the United States is the biggest human rights violator in the world.

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"The United States is violating human rights more than any other country in the world," says Andranik Migranian, a Russian political expert, noting: "The question that bears in mind is what is the special privilege of the United States that it considers itself a distinguished entity and does not allow anyone to comment on the human rights situation in the country?"

Human rights organizations such as the UN Human Rights Council have reported on numerous human rights abuses in the United States, including continued inhumane treatment of Native Americans and widespread racism, and have called for their elimination. Disclosure of mass graves in boarding schools of native Americans is another example of gross human rights abuses in this country.

In particular, the UN Human Rights Council has criticized the abusive and inhumane situation of native Americans and racial minorities in the United States and called for a change in this situation. Especially in a country that claims to be a world leader in supporting human rights. However, the US administration has always ignored the demands of human rights organizations to correct the current inhumane practices against Indigenous and colored people.

By Reza Mirtaher


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