Mass graves still being uncovered in Canada

Commentary (IP) - On Tuesday, the media reported discovering another mass grave of more than 160 children in British Columbia, Canada; the number of indigenous children killed in Canada reached more than 1,000.

Iran PressAmerica: In recent weeks, the discovery of mass graves of children in Canada has brought the country under pressure; the graves have belonged to the children of Canadian-indigenous who were separated from their parents during the 1890s to 1970s and were entrusted to the Catholic churches' boarding schools. 

The main purpose of this project was to distance these children from indigenous Canadian communities, prevent the promotion of their mother tongue and traditions, and raise them based on the imposed Canadian standards. 

Many of these children have lost their lives in the process due to suicide, fires, working hard, rape, frostbite, and while trying to escape from the schools.

George Manuel, one of the eye-witnesses in these schools in the 1920s, says: "All the native students were suffering from hunger. Schools were also cold in the winters and unsanitary. Students were subjected to measles, influenza, tuberculosis, and other infectious diseases, and many died."

The Washington Post reported that the discovery of the graves was a bittersweet discovery of the darkest season in Canadian history and one that was described as an "unimaginable loss" by some of Canada's indigenous leaders.

Over the past month, Canadian media outlets have repeatedly reported discovering mass graves of indigenous children, sparking tensions between the government and the church.

The Canadian government's performance and its advocacy of human rights along with the mottos it cries over freedom, particularly in recent years, have pressured the Canadian government more than ever such that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the discovery was heartbreaking, calling it "a painful reminder of that dark and shameful chapter of our country's history."

Yet, he never apologized for the Canadian crime 

Under public pressure in and outside, Trudeau sought to hold the church accountable for the tragedy and called for the pope's apology. At the same time, Pope Francis called on political and religious leaders to cooperate to clarify the issue.

Pope expressed sympathy, but he also did not apologize for the school's role in the school tragedy.

The successive discovery of mass graves in Canada has become a big scandal for the government and the Western. In fact, the discovery of these graves increasingly shows discriminatory behavior and contradictions with the slogans of equality trumpeted in these countries.

The Canadian authorities, who have not been able to whitewash the scale of such crimes, are now trying to shirk responsibility for it.

The human rights game between the government and the church in Canada continues as the different dimensions of crime have raised the protests of many freedom-lovers in the world.

While neither the Canadian church nor government takes responsibility for such a massacre, discrimination policies continue in Canada and many Western countries, which can be seen in their treatment of immigrants and dark-skinned.


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