Palestine (IP) - A senior leader of Palestine's Islamic Jihad Movement said that Israel's threatening of the Resistance leaders with assassination would not stop the Palestinians' resistance against the regime.

Iran PressMiddle East: The Israeli regime's media (Express website) reacted harshly to the recent speech of Yahya Sinwar, the head of Hamas's political office in Gaza, such that they called him a real threat to the future of the regime that must be assassinated.

In an interview with Iran Press News Agency, Ahmad al-Modallel said that in case the regime wanted to assassinate Yahya Sinwar, then the missiles of the Islamic Jihad Movement would compete with those of Hamas to pound Israeli centers. 

Al-Modallel told Iran Press that the Israeli regime had full responsibility for the assassination of the Palestinian resistance leaders.

Also, Hamas warned about any assassination attempt by the Israeli regime against Yahya Sinwar and pointed out that any attempt against the Palestinian Resistance leaders would mean setting firing resistance missiles at the Israeli cities and strategic centers. 

Israel has invaded Palestine since 1948 under the pretext of the Holocaust that happened in Germany.


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