Tehran (IP) - Iranian benefactors were appreciated in a conference held on Sunday to praise social participation in the health area.

Iran PressIran News: The conference aimed at promoting altruism, appropriate use of popular aid and incorporating them in the heath area, and the use of voluntary aid and social entities’ capacities to improve the health system of the country.  

In a 10-year period, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been ranked 23rd among 125 countries with regard to health aid affairs, 25th in supporting the needy, 22nd in cash support, and 55th in volunteer work.

Iran’s Minister of Health, as a key guest of the conference, referred to the coronavirus pandemic as a phenomenon revealing the real power of the nation, saying the resistant Iranian nation surpassed other countries in the fight against the pandemic.  

Bahram Einollahi said the sustainable good deeds had their root in the popularity and the identity of the Iranian nation.


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